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From the customers
From the customers
Best candle! I cannot rave about this candle enough. Not only is the container fantastic, i can use it wherever and however I want to when it’s all burned down. And let me tell you, it burns perfectly!!!!! There is nothing worse than a candle that leaves half its wax behind. Not this! It burns absolutely beautifully. The scent is amazing and i can’t wait to order more!!!
— Bambi R.
From the customers
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— Mariya

her story

Christianna, a passionate individual with an innate flair for design, initially embarked on her educational journey in the world of fashion. Armed with a keen eye for style and a thirst for creativity, she immersed herself in the vibrant and dynamic fashion industry. However, her journey took an unexpected turn as she discovered her true passion lay in the realm of interior design.

Driven by a desire to create spaces that encapsulated both elegance and functionality, Christianna transitioned into the world of interior design. Drawing inspiration from her diverse travels around the globe, she began curating a unique and eclectic fashion collection for her stores. Infused with European influences and a love for natural textures, her curated pieces became a reflection of her worldly experiences.

Christianna's collection stood out in the market for its distinctive blend of foundational and buildable closet classics. Each piece was meticulously chosen to offer not only timeless elegance but also the versatility to adapt to individual styles and preferences. Her stores became a haven for those seeking a curated selection that transcended transient trends, embodying a refined and sophisticated aesthetic.

With a commitment to creating spaces and wardrobes that celebrated individuality and style evolution, Christianna's foray into interior design seamlessly intertwined with her love for fashion. Her journey became a testament to the power of following one's true passion and the ability to translate creativity across diverse domains.


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